New Version 4.4.0 of WordPress File Upload Plugin

Tuesday, 17-April-2018. New version 4.4.0 of WordPress File Upload plugin has just been released.

This is a a significant update bringing several improvements as follows:

  • Added wider web server and WordPress environment compatibility. There have been several reports by users experiencing failed uploads with a message “Upload failed! Unknown error”. This version will try to handle most of these cases by storing User State data in the website database, instead of Session. Although session storage is a common way of temporarily keeping user state data, some servers impose restrictions and do not allow it.
  • Added support for Dropbox transfers of very large files surpassing the max_execution_time restrictions of web servers. It has to be noted that transferring of files from a website to Dropbox has time restrictions, e.g. the transfer cannot last more than a certain number of seconds determined by max_execution_time  PHP directive. So transferring of very big files fails. The plugin employs a unique and complex, yet reliable, way to overcome this problem.
  • Code improved so that Dropbox transfers do not freeze occasionally requiring to press “Reset Dropbox Uploads” button in Maintenance Actions.
  • Added progress indicator on File Transfers tab for big files.
  • Added alternative method for creating thumbnails of PDF files relying on Ghostscript library. This method will be used in case the inherent WordPress capability to create thumbnails of PDF documents fails.
  • Fixed an important bug in file viewer edit column filter.
  • Added an hourly task scheduler that executes repeating plugin’s actions such as transfers manager and unfinished files checker. This will make Dropbox transfers even more reliable.
  • Fixed bug in file viewer not adjusting correctly time zone in dates.

You can check more details in the Release Notes of the plugin’s support page.

Users who have purchased the Professional version of the plugin can download the latest one by logging into their Iptanus account, selecting the order and downloading the new file. Instructions for installing the new version can be found here.

Users of the Free version can update to the latest one using the Update feature of the Plugins section of their Dashboard.

Iptanus team is constantly striving to make WordPress File Upload plugin more user friendly and more bug free, so it will continue issuing new releases. It is reminded that users of the Professional version, will have free updates of the plugin for a lifetime!!!

For any questions, bugs or information please contact us.

The Iptanus team

2 thoughts on “New Version 4.4.0 of WordPress File Upload Plugin”

  1. Hi – Congrats on the upgrade – what updates have been made to the ” webcam capture ” functions of this plugin? Can you send a link to this information? Thanks!

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